Data Directory Files

Files within the zcashd data directory (~/.zcash/ on Linux unless otherwise specified) include:

zcash.confcontains configuration settings for zcashd
zcashd.pidstores the process id of zcashd while running
blocks/blk000*.datblock data (custom, 128 MiB per file)
blocks/rev000*.datblock undo data (custom)
blocks/index/*block index (LevelDB)
chainstate/*block chain state database (LevelDB)
database/*BDB database environment
db.logwallet database log file
debug.logcontains debug information and general logging generated by zcashd
peers.datpeer IP address database (custom format)
wallet.datpersonal wallet (BDB) with keys and transactions (keep private, back this up!)
.cookiesession RPC authentication cookie (written at start when cookie authentication is used, deleted on shutdown)
.lockdata directory lock file (empty)
testnet3/*contains testnet versions of these files, except zcash.conf, if running -testnet
onion_private_keycached Tor hidden service private key for -listenonion